Guide to Black Lafayette

Explore Black-owned businesses and services in the Greater Lafayette, IN community.


How it Works

Discover & connect with great businesses in the Greater Lafayette community like grocery stores, barbershops, and predominantly Black religious services. You can access the guide through the database below or site menu above.


List of Black-Owned Businesses and Services in Lafayette

Below you will find the database to the  guide to Black Lafayette, created June 2020. Business were identified through past news articles, crowd sourcing with Black community leaders, and the Purdue Black Cultural Center, or self identified. Information about each business/service was collected from public websites or provided by business owners. If you are looking for a specific service, you can filter through the database, or use the pages in the site menu to find what you are looking for. This is a non-exhaustive list.


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About the Creator

This website was an individual initiative born out of support for the Black Lives Matter movement, to show that Black lives not only matter, but they are worthy and needed. This site is not an endorsement of any particular listings, this site is only a platform for the directory. Reviews can often be found on the business' website or social media account.

My name is Sohinee Bera, and I was born and raised in West Lafayette, IN and am now an undergrad at Purdue. Growing up, I never knew of any local Black-owned business, and I felt that this would be so important to have today. I hope that this can be a good resource for you to support local Black livelihoods.